If you live in the East Kent area, we provide home tuition in Latin and Greek and Classics, and in other associated subjects, such as History and Philosophy. We specialise in preparing students for the OCR and Eduqas Boards, and are able to offer tuition for other examination boards and at university level.

We also work with a number of schools in the East Kent area. The schools will handle the examination entries and leave the teaching to us. We have excellent results, and you can see a selection of the feedback received on our Testimonials Page.

If you live anywhere else in the world, we provide tuition to all levels via Skype. Regardless of how we deliver tuition, the first consultation is always free.

All our tutors have current Enhanced DBS clearance, which is registered with the authorities for continuous updates. They also have recognised qualifications in safeguarding. We advise our clients to check certificates at first appointment.

The header image is from Vergil’s Georgics (III, 210-11):

Sed non ulla magis uires industria firmat
Quam uenerem et caeci stimulos auertere amoris….

(But no other activity more firms the strength
Than to avert lust and the stings of blind love….)

From a manuscript of Vergil produced in Rome, c400 AD