Latin – A-Level

We provide both complete courses, where we deliver all teaching, and supplemental courses, where we assist students who are already taking the subject at school. In the first case, we can arrange examination entries via the student’s school. If this is not possible, we are able to arrange for a student to be entered as a private candidate. We are experienced teachers of both the OCR and the Eduqas Specifications.

Every student is a unique client, and there is no standard course. We always begin by discussing learning methods and objectives. Our ambition is to ensure a learning experience tailored to the needs and expectations of each student. When a student is following a particular course at school, we will fit our teaching round that. This being said, we have a preference for teaching students to read Latin. We recommend that students should gain a thorough grounding in the grammar of Latin, and that they should read as much Latin as they can fit into their learning schedule.

Without prejudice to our disclaimer about “no standard course,” a typical lesson with us involves explanations of grammar, and a close reading of a particular text, in which every unknown word and construction is fully discussed. In this way, students will be equipped to handle any unseen text in the examination, and will have no trouble with the set texts.

Of course, we have a full set of past papers and mark schemes. We like to set regular test examinations. Indeed, all our teaching is, in one way or another, directed at the final examination.

Note on Learning

One of the less attractive secrets of the current A-Level specifications is that it is possible to gain an acceptable pass without understanding the set texts. You can read these texts in translation. You can match them up to the original. You can go into the examination and write fluently about hyperbaton and chiasmus and metaphors. The unseens are not that much harder than for GCSE. We appreciate that, if you are doing several other A-Levels, learning time – and especially contact time in class – can be limited. Though we will provide whatever degree of preparation is desired, this is not our preferred model for learning. We do like to teach our students to read the set texts in Latin. This is the only way to have a decent chance of an A in the examination. It is also the best way to make A-Level Latin the gateway to a lifelong familiarity with one of the most instructive and entertaining literatures of our civilisation.

Recommended Books

As said, we will fit our teaching round what is already done at school. Otherwise, these are the books we recommend:

Kennedy’s Revised Latin Primer. This tells you everything you could ever want to know about Latin grammar, and a great deal more. We provide our students with a much shorter grammar. But Kennedy remains the Authorised Version where Latin grammar is concerned.

Taylor – Latin Beyond GCSE. This contains a useful refresher for students who come to A-Level from GCSE, plus a set of readings in more or less original Latin.

Gabb – Latin Stories from the Life of Christ. This is a set of readings from St Jerome’s translation into Latin of The New Testament. To do well in the A-Level, students must read widely in Latin. This book has the advantage of providing texts that are in fairly simple but genuine Latin, and content that most students, whatever their religious beliefs, probably know already. The book comes with an Introduction, Notes, and a Comprehensive Vocabulary.

Gabb – Stories from Paul the Deacon. This is a set of readings from one of the most entertaining writers of the Middle Ages. It is compiled on the same principle as above, and is appropriate for the more advanced students.


Students visit us at our premises in Deal – see below for details. Alternatively, we provide tuition via Skype. Please contact us to discuss details.


Our standard price for A-Level Latin is £40 per hour. Skype tuition is paid most easily via PayPal or bank transfer. For face-to-face tuition, payment details can be settled by discussion.

First lesson is always free.

We offer a sliding discount for advance booking of hours.


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Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we ask that sessions be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

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