Latin – Beginners

We provide courses in Latin for beginners. These include young school students from Year 7 upwards, and adults who have an interest in Latin and who may or may not have studied it at school.

Every student is a unique client, and there is no standard course. This is particularly the case with beginners. But our advice is that students should gain at least a grounding in the grammar of Latin, and that they should read as much Latin as they can fit into their learning schedule.


We find that beginners do best by starting with the first volume of the Ecce Romani series. These are a little childish, and they take a while to become interesting. But they are an excellent introductiion. From the first page, you are reading Latin, and the readings become graduall[y more challenging.

Taylor – Essential GCSE Latin. This is optional, but it provides all the grammar needed for success in the Latin GCSE.

Cullen/Dormandy/Taylor – Latin Stories. This is a book of one hundred graded passages that reinforce all the grammar and vocabulary needed for success in GCSE Latin. It is a book of astonishing value. Once a student is beyond the most basic level, we place it at the heart of our teaching. Without making foolish guarantees, we believe that regular and thorough use of this book can take a student to Level 9 in the GCSE within a year.


Students visit us at our premises in Deal – see below for details. Alternatively, we provide tuition via Skype. Please contact us to discuss details.


Our standard price for beginners in Latin is £25 per hour. Skype tuition is paid most easily via PayPal or bank transfer. For face-to-face tuition, payment details can be settled by discussion.

First lesson is always free.

We offer a sliding discount for advance booking of hours.


Pay as You Go


You Save




£5 (5%)




£30 (10%)




£60  (15%)




£120 (20%)


Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we ask that sessions be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

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